Heat Pump sizing and design process

Heat pump sizing and design software built with installers and manufacturers to save time and improve accuracy.

We have built the software with the goal of delivering a modern and efficient way for sizing and designing heating systems.

1. Quick quote tool

Use our web or mobile app to quickly capture information about the property over the telephone. Our tech will instantly give you a size and price the heat pump and hot water cylinder for your customers property.

This can be added to a quote to get customers a quote as quickly as possible.

2. Survey informs design

Using the Carno app you can quickly and efficiently capture the room by room heat loss data without spending hours at the property. All in line with MIS3005 requirements.

Our technology will size the heat pump, radiators and calculate hot water requirements instantly.

3. Quote & MCS documents

Once you have completed your survey, Carno will create a bill of materials which are needed for your project, including all major components and ancillaries . You can then generate all necessary documents and a quotation straight from the survey to send to your customers.

Quick setup. Start surveying immediately
Free to use. No charge for the survey tool
Generate leads.  Receive jobs through the platform. Coming soon.

We blog about grants, heat pump design & sizing, even a guide to send to your customers, and more

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